A Love Letter to London

By Elda Sinani


I stepped foot into this city expecting cloudy days and rainy nights, but London you were so good to me.

The sun began to peak through the clouds the second I stepped foot into Gatwick Airport, as I enjoyed a full English breakfast with a large cup of coffee. Fueled up and already feeling like a true Brit after just one meal, I was ready to see it all.

London, I expected you to be beautiful; but not this breathtaking. From being speechless at the sight of Westminster Castle, roaming through the roaring streets of Borough Market and watching the sunset over the Tower Bridge; your beauty and energy made me feel alive!  


I mean…come on! What more could a girl ask for than a hot bowl of noodles topped with dumplings and some hot mulled cider on a February day in England. The food, the views, the atmosphere––a perfect day.

Brews & Clues: A Night on the Town


As the sun had fully set, it was time for a night out. You showed me what a real plate of fish & chips should taste like and introduced me to some of the best pubs in town. There is nothing that brings people together quite like a night filled with laughter, brews and a good game of Clues. Or should I say, Cluedo––true British style!

The Royal Sunday


Sunday was spent at the charming Candella Tea Room for high tea. That day you made me feel like a queen. I must admit, I had an outer body experience after biting into the fluffiest scones I have ever had!

I will never forget the strolls through Buckingham palace, as I started at the famous balcony and envisioned the Royal Family waving my way; or the crossing the forever famous Abbey Road, what a dream! This was all thanks to you.

As I felt our time together coming to an end, it hit me that I had only seen a small percentage of all that you are.  What better way to see it all than the top of The London Eye. Never in a million years did I think I would be in this position. In that moment, I realized I was living inside of a postcard.


London, I fell in love with you in just a few short days. Thank you for the rare sunny days you brought my way. I anticipate the day of my return.



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