Our mission

“Just as diamonds are refined by intense pressure and extracurricular challenges, REFINE magazine will challenge Temple women to think outside of the box. REFINE offers a fresh perspective on campus life: the fashion statements, culture, music trends, health habits, and love lives that Temple women possess, all from one beautifully packaged product. Our goal is to provide great service to our readers, so that they can navigate through the trenches of college with confidence and grace. REFINE mimics the voice of the reader’s BFF: We love you, but we have no qualms about giving it to you straight.”


Across the country, hundreds of universities both large and small pride themselves on their lifestyle magazines. Temple, which has around 40,000 students in total and an esteemed journalism program, lacked one. Temple women need more than just a newspaper and a blog to read when they’re in the trenches of college. REFINE is just that: a lifestyle magazine specifically catered to Temple women. It is the first of its kind, and will give students the thought-provoking journalism they need, without the stuffiness.

The name REFINE comes from Founder Russell Conwell’s “Acres of Diamonds” speech. Conwell uses the analogy that Temple students are diamonds: they start from pieces of carbon, go through an intense refining process (college), and they come out dazzling and pure. Our tagline, “Pressure Creates Diamonds” reminds our audience that even though when the pressure feels unbearable, they are at Temple to better their lives.

The magazine has four core sections: Fashion, Culture, Health, and Love. Front Row, our front of book, includes a national-to-hyperlocal news timeline, the letter from the editor, and smaller features from our sections. Main Campus, our feature well, includes larger features like our gift guides, lengthy pieces about relevant topics to our audience, and fashion lookbooks. Study Break, the back of book, includes horoscopes, an advice column, a shopping guide, and a Q&A with an international Temple student.

Overall, REFINE seeks to be the Froommate (yes, friend + roommate) our readers never had. Our words will be there for them when they had the worst day of their life and just want a break from the world. Our voice will be authentic and conversational, not pretentious, patronizing, or judgmental. Our content will take sides, and it will not shy away from them. This magazine will do deep reporting on issues that Temple students care about. It will be inclusive and culturally sensitive without being too soft. Our goal is to not only be a great publication, but to provide great service to our readers so that they can live a better life.