Our mission

Just as diamonds are refined by intense pressure and extracurricular challenges, the REFINE reader will be challenged to think outside of their box. REFINE offers a fresh perspective on campus life: the fashion statements, culture, music trends, health habits, and love lives that Temple women possess, all from one beautifully packaged product. REFINE mimics the voice of the reader’s BFF: We love you, but we have no qualms about giving it to you straight.” 

About Us

Sarah Madaus dreamt up REFINE during the summer of 2018 when she was living in New York City, surrounded by (and living with) brilliant minds in magazine journalism. She did her research and found out Temple has zero lifestyle magazines. There are smaller schools with dozens. After hearing that most of the other students in her internship program were editors for their college magazines, she realized that Temple didn't have a magazine. And she thought, "Well, why don't I just start one?" So during her free time at Reader's Digest, she started brainstorming. She had this massive Google Doc of words and ideas and names that made no sense to anyone but her, and with the help of some brave team members that put their faith into her, REFINE was born.

The magazine begins with Front Row, which holds shorter stories and news. Our four core sections include Fashion, Culture, Health, and Love. Main Campus, our feature well, includes larger features and fashion spreads. Study Break, the back of book, includes fun features, horoscopes, and our advice column. You'll find each of those sections in every issue. Online, you can find blog posts on trending issues, behind-the-scenes videos from our photoshoots, and biographies of our fabulous staff.