7 Cheap Things to Do in Philly This Month That Will Make You a Better Person

By Carly Whiton

The Rail Park via LinkedIn

The Rail Park via LinkedIn

It’s about that time of year where everything is grey, dull, cold and well, quite frankly…dead. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation for classes and other responsibilities, but it can also be hard to scrape up the funds to do anything fun. Enter: myself, to help you find some alternative ways to get off campus and do something fun that won’t break the bank. I’ve curated a list of possible things to do for the very low price of FREE. That’s right almost all of these events are free unless specified. So, enough talk, let’s do this.

First Friday and Second Thursday

On the first Friday and second Thursday of each month, you’ll be able to find art galleries open at night holding special shows full of all sorts of local artists. There’s typically food and drinks offered, live music, and good vibes. Some areas, like the Fishtown Crane Arts LLC and Old City, are known for electric energy on these days. Grab some friends and support local artists just by going out and finding some pieces that make ya feel sumthin’.

Explore the City with Observant Eyes

This one is for the next time it is randomly 60 degrees out (hm, like today) and you’re looking for something fun to do outside to kick that seasonal depression. Find a friend or two, or however many you please. If you have a camera, great! Head to a scenic spot in Philly (Center city, Fishtown, Old City, Fairmount). Just take pictures. Capture some real moments, or create picture perfect scenes. Either way, you might surprise yourself with how keen of an eye you have for beauty.

Poetry Slams and Open Mic Nights

THESE ARE FUN. Grab your sleekest beret and speak it how it izzz. I didn’t list a specific one, but if you search them in Philly you can find TONS. They happen at coffee shops all over Philly 24/7. It might sound silly, but it’s fun to not take yourself so seriously sometimes. If you need some inspiration, Channing Tatum has you covered.

Wagner Museum

This place is kinda creepy but definitely awesome. Check out an array of beautiful crystals and stones, preserved animals and insects, and tons of skeletons all at the Wagner Museum. Enjoy free entry and, even better, no Uber fee because it’s located on 17th street right on the corner of Montgomery. Fridays are artist days where you can come in and draw without disruption from K-12 field trips.

Art Museums

There’s a wide variety of art museums in Philadelphia that all range in prices, but they’re all relatively cheap as they are, but in addition they offer student discounts with valid ID! To name a few: The Barnes Museum, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Rodin. Go get cultured; Lord knows we need it.

Tacony Art Events

The Tacony Community Art Center is a really awesome place to take advantage of. Immerse yourself in the community in one of their free art classes where you can do things like live drawings, still life drawings, basket weaving, linoleum printmaking, and other culturally inspired art forms. RSVP here.

Black History Month Events

There are tons and tons of awesome events to attend this month to honor and acknowledge black history month involving volunteering, learning at museums, going on a mural tour. Whatever it is you might be into, you’ll find something interesting to do at this link!