Temple Fitstagrammers to Follow for All the Wellness Inspo

By Honora Feinberg

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the weight room at IBC. I think I speak on behalf of all my Temple ladies when I say that walking into a sweaty, male-dominated gym can be intimidating, especially if you don’t feel confident in your workout. While online fitness plans can be helpful in planning out weight training or cardio sessions, they often lack the personal touch that is otherwise present in fitness and health Instagram pages. What you may not know is that several Temple University students run their own wellness Instagram accounts that offer content related to, but not limited to, workouts, nutrition, and product suggestions. These fitness gurus are all women, and all strive to make the world of health and fitness more accessible to their fellow females. So, whether you are looking to perfect your squat or simply learn how to live healthier, the following accounts can help you get started.

Tori Busa | @toribusa_fit

Tori Busa is a 20-year-old, certified personal trainer which is how you know her workouts are legit. Just through a scroll of Tori's feed, you will see machines used in a way you did not know was possible. Between killer leg workouts and functional HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions, this fitness queen reveals helpful nutrition tips that answer questions like "How can I use supplements to promote a healthy diet?" and "What's a macro?" Tori recognizes that all women want to look and feel good and, for that reason, she hopes that her passion can be inspirational to all women who are trying to improve their confidence through fitness.

Dani Martorella | @trains4gains

A nursing major and Optimum Nutrition campus ambassador, Dani Martorella offers an honest, body-positive view of the struggles many females encounter when entering into the world of weight training. She urges other women to embrace weight and muscle gain rather than to shy away from it. While her feed mainly consists of progress photos, it is Dani’s vulnerable captions dealing with topics like body dysmorphia and eating disorders that make this such a valuable account. Speaking so openly about these often taboo issues offers a space for young women to discuss their struggles and learn how to have a healthy relationship with fitness.

Kathleen Mecca | @kathleensfitness

If you’re looking for comprehensive, easy to follow workouts, look no farther than Kathleen Mecca’s Instagram. Broken down into number of reps, number of sets, and an instructional video to accompany each exercise, Kathleen makes working out seem… dare I say it?... easy. Of course, after a quick scroll of her feed, it is clear that nothing about this girl’s work ethic says “easy.” One thing that Kathleen stresses is just that: stress. She hopes to inspire others to use fitness as a tool for coping with the anxieties of college life and believes that, when you love what you do, it can change your life.  

Emma Frick | @ejfrick

Emma Frick’s Instagram is more of a lifestyle feed than anything, but what she lacks in instructional videos, she makes up for in healthy snack ideas, athleisure suggestions, and honest discussions about body image. As someone who has struggled with disordered eating habits and unhealthy exercising practices, Emma wants to encourage other women to not be afraid of lifting heavy weights and fueling their bodies with real, nutrient-dense foods. While she recognizes that letting go of the number on the scale can be a scary thing to do, Emma offers a new mindset toward exercising that can be fun and empowering rather than daunting.

Claudia Elisabetta | @cooking_w_claud

Fitness not exactly your forte? Claudia Elisabetta, a 22-year-old getting her Master’s in Public Health, explores all things edible. While working out is a big part of a healthy lifestyle, what you put in your body is just as important. Focused on promoting an intentional, balanced, and healthful life, Claudia shares how wellness can be a communal exercise. While this account does feature workouts, they are presented in a hands-off manner that says, “do what makes you feel good.” With face mask recommendations, DIY oat milk tutorials, and inspirational quotes for days, you’re going to want to follow this account ASAP!

Ashley Goyette | @ashleyg.fit

Ashley Goyette’s fitstagram has it all: plant-based meal recommendations, workout videos, motivational stories, and impressive transformation photos. Recognizing how a healthier lifestyle positively changed her own life, Ashley started her account to show others that they could change their lives in a similar manner. Ashley strives to spread the happiness she has gained through exercise and a plant-based diet by offering advice and a candid look into her own fitness journey.    

Savannah Piazza | @sweetnsweatysavvy

What’s a workout without a bangin’ playlist? Savannah Piazza has got you covered on the best pump up songs, skincare routines for days, and, of course, killer workouts. In considering the social impact of her feed, Savannah hopes that people come to her page and leave feeling a little lighter and more positive about life. With a degree of transparency, she strives to show how even the happiest people struggle daily, but that everyone has the choice to pursue a fulfilled, happy life. This is evident in Savannah’s no-BS captions about self-care, mental health, and body image. The cherry on top? Savannah will give you the low down on all the health products you’ve been eyeing in her honest “sweetnsweaty” reviews.

Did we miss any of your faves? Let us know in the comments! Happy sweating.