These Houseplants are Perfect for Any College Student


By Francesca Furey, Editor-in-Chief

That’s it—time isn’t real. It’s already back-to-school season and I didn’t even get to crack open the book I bought in December. How rude. The next couple of weeks will be spent cramming in last-minute vacations, purchases, and mental breakdowns about our upcoming jam-packed semesters. It’s a mixed bag of emotions, but coming back to campus is pretty exciting. I get to see all my pals I’ve missed since leaving for Japan eight months ago… and more importantly: decorate my fourth—and last—bedroom. I’ve leveled up since my freshman days when I bought that bedroom set for $200 (was chevron ever cool?) and have become the #aesthetic interior designer I’ve always wanted to be. However, there is a common denominator for all of my bedroom looks: houseplants. I am a plant aficionado and I have zero care in the world for how arrogant that sounds. Plants are the third best thing in my life right now, just falling short to ASMR and matcha lattes. And as a self-proclaimed Green Goddess™, I want to spread some plant love and get you hooked on the plant life. Does that sound like an ad, or what?

Now, college is extremely unpredictable, and you never know if you’ll spend seven straight hours or seven short minutes in your apartment. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of five low-maintenance, but high-quality houseplants that will spruce up your living space whilst bringing a new sense of purpose to your life. No matter your status as a plant owner (we all know that one person who kills literally anything), these poppin’ plants are exactly what you’re looking for! Yes, I did have a plant-baby photoshoot, just for this article. You’re welcome.


1. Pothos

Lighting: bright, indirect sunlight; can live in low-light conditions

Watering: water when top one-inch of soil is dry

Nicknamed “Devil’s Ivy” because it is literally impossible to kill, pothos will be your plant BFF. It’ll always be there for you and will witness your proudest and not-so-proudest moments. Since this plant is a grower and a shower, it’s best to place it on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling, so its vines can roam freely. You can stock up on it or gift a baby pothos to a friend by cutting the stems of the leaves, placing them in water, and planting it once one inch of root has grown. Talk about the best plant ever. 

AfterlightImage 2.jpeg

2. Bunny Ear Cactus

Lighting: bright, direct sunlight; indirect sunlight during the winter months

Watering: water lightly every three to four weeks

Adorable name and all, this type of cactus is my favorite. I’ve named mine Rico. It’s fun to name plants. Bunny ear cacti are super low-maintenance and so damn cute. It brings character to any room, as the shapes of the pads are unique, and offers a subtle desert vibe even if you’ve never been to Arizona. If properly watered, your bunny ear will sprout new pads annually and give you the title of proud grandparent. That is the ultimate plant lover miracle.

AfterlightImage 4.jpeg

3. Ripple Peperomia

Lighting: bright, indirect sunlight

Watering: water when 50 percent of soil is dry

Now, at first glance you might think this ripple peperomia is a spinach-flavored veggie chip. Unfortunately, this little guy is much cuter on your window sill than in your stomach. The peperomia is a tropical houseplant that most people aren’t familiar with, but instantly love once getting acquainted. Though it’s tough at first to find the perfect spot for it to thrive (I’ve found that indirect sill locations and watering sparingly works best), you won’t regret adding it to your new collection. 

AfterlightImage 5.jpeg

4. Jade Plant

Lighting: bright, direct sunlight

Watering: keep soil moist, but not wet in spring/summer; let soil dry between waterings in fall/winter

Despite being one of the most common houseplants, the jade plant is here to stay. Its resilient leaves and sturdy stems—almost trunk-like in feel and texture—transcend through “time” (see also: time is a human construct to promote capitalism). Jades can live among you for more than a decade, bringing you happiness and dare I say: wealth and luck? This plant isn’t nicknamed the lucky plant or money tree for nothing, my dudes.

AfterlightImage 6.jpeg

5. Large-bracted Moonstone

Lighting: bright, indirect sunlight; loves some shade during the summer

Watering: water when soil is almost completely dry

Though it sounds pretty mystical, moonstones are perfect for any human (or witch) plant owner. Personally, I love the large-bracted moonstones as its leaves are chubby and long, showing off its gradient and moody colors. Of course, this is a moonstone judgement free zone, and you can bring any type into your home. Whether you’re looking for a loud and proud species, or one that’s stubby and petite, moonstone hunting is the way to go. Pro-tip: use any pots or aesthetic bases you’ve collected along the way for this plant; it’s very flexible and loves any home you’ll provide.

Have you decided on becoming a new plant parent yet? Already on the way to your nearest nursery? That’s what I like to hear. Remember to water your plants appropriately, place them in their preferred light, and add new soil every once in a while. Happy parenting!