Stuck in a Winter Funk? Same. Here's How to Beat It.

By Amaya Bankowski


We’ve all been there; it’s February and it’s freezing outside, you want nothing more than to be laying in bed sleeping. The hardest part of winter always comes right after the holiday high fades and the weather outside is more frightful than delightful. It’s easy to not feel excited about wearing three jackets every time you need to go outside. When there’s only about five good hours of sunshine in a day, it’s difficult not to feel low energy and unmotivated to do just about anything. This is what we’re going to henceforth refer to as the “winter funk”.

Have no fear! You are not alone in feeling this seemly unavoidable negativity. On the flip side, I’m here to tell you that you can––in the words of Taylor Swift–– indeed shake it off. Winter is notorious for bringing people down, which means (lucky for us both) there are countless proven ways to counteract those cold thoughts. Here are some tips and tricks from others on ways to shift your mindset and boost your mood so you can actually enjoy the great things that winter has to offer (like ankle-length puffer coats and hot soup).

1. Get moving, sis

You can’t beat the post-gym feeling, so get out of bed and make the worthwhile trek to the gym. Maybe even try taking a yoga or spin class at the IBC and bring a friend! Working out releases endorphins (the lil hormone guys that make you feel happy and energized), which in turn will improve your overall mood.  

2. Listen to music that makes you feel good

Sometimes, putting on some jams and having your own personal dance party can be the BEST thing in the world. Make a special playlist with all of your favorite music and play it when you feel like you need a little push to get motivated. Temple student Courtney Hartwell loves listening to country and summer music to get her in a more positive mental space. If that’s not your style, we’re loving Lizzo and Maggie Rogers right now…grrrrrl power.

3. Hang with your girls

“I like to grab a warm coffee or hot chocolate and watch The Bachelor with my roommates!” says Temple student Nicole McDermott. While we’re #unimpressed with Colton, we’ll gladly accept that rose, because surrounding yourself with people who make you happy can be a great way to relax and give yourself a break from everything on your to-do list.

4. Get dressed up & take a day to treat yourself

Lujane Al-Bataineh, a freshman at Temple University, says “Dressing up in my favorite winter outfit will make my day 10 times better!” Same. Wearing a cute outfit can give you a nice little boost of confidence and make running errands suck a little bit less. We’re still stuck on blanket scarves; they come in handy when those basement classroom temps go from sauna to subzero.

5. Get Busy!

Start or continue to work on a project or hobby you’re passionate about. Rebekah Harding, a writer for REFINE magazine, says immersing herself into a project or her work always helps her feel more on track during those long winter days. So dig out that “Crocheting for Beginners” kit you bought a year ago and start stitching!

So while SAD is a real thing, these tips are sure to lift your spirits for a bit until optimal Bell Tower weather sets in. And if your winter funk is feeling more serious, find someone to talk to, whether it’s a friend, family member or therapist, to give you lasting help and keep you living your best life.