Workout of the Week: Britta Grace's Go-To Legs + Booty Burn

This week, we have guest blogger Britta Grace Thorpe (@britta_grace on Instagram) providing us with another killer Workout of the Week.


Britta is a junior Advertising major who spends her free time modeling, collaborating with brands like Bumble and The Body Shop, working with Temple VS Pink and Her Campus Temple, and running her own blog. She’s a social media maven, but she also kills it in the weight room.

“I got into fitness around my sophomore year [of high school] when I was also on the high school volleyball team and wanted to excel in the sport,” she says. “I immediately fell in love with the feeling you get after a good workout and have been working out almost every day ever since! It’s a learning process but it’s helped me feel amazing about myself both physically and mentally.”

The workout this week is focused on lower body –– Britta’s routine will give your legs and booty some tough love, and we’re sure you’ll be feeling it tomorrow. You will need equipment for this workout, but luckily the IBC is back open, so you have no excuses.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to lifting, we recommend sticking with lighter dumbbells (or none at all –– form is more important than weight) and using the barbells from the racks (they usually range from 20-100lbs), not the plate-loaded ones.

Here’s the workout! (Save the image for easy access…you’re welcome.)


For more quality #content from our girl Britta, check out her blog, where you can find her modeling portfolio, more workouts, and inspiring posts that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Happy sweating!

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